Case Studies

The Problem

Working on prototype parts for the 380 Airbus, Bill Pryce of Billcar Precision Engineering of Shrewsbury called on CRF for some specialist fabrication work. Once he had received the parts back from CRF and completed the engineering work on them he then needed to have them annealed. He was having to transport them all the way to Coventry, which he thought was the nearest place where there was a suitable stress relieving oven. This was time consuming and costly and was extending the production schedule.


In a chance conversation with Chris Roberts he discovered that there was a suitable oven on his doorstep at CRF!

The Solution

Once he knew this he was able to have the parts annealed by CRF in Wem, thereby reducing his transport costs, speeding up the whole process and saving money!

'I have an excellent working relationship with CRF. They turn my jobs around very quickly and they always give additional engineering input where required to find the best way of doing everything. I recently ordered a drilled steel blank for a Tudor Griffiths job. I placed the order at 10am one morning and the job was ready at 1pm the same day! Sometimes CRF work even faster than that! Another recent request was a job for Stadco - a steel plate measuring 120mm thick and 2.5m x 1.8m. CRF flame cut this plate for me in record time. I place a high value on CRF's abilities in terms of fast turnaround and intelligent engineering input to my work. I'd be happy to recommend CRF to anyone looking for a fast and economical turnaround on steel fabrication work.'

Bill Pryce of Billcar Precision Engineering Ltd Tel: 01743 450044