Case Studies

Lloyds Animal Feeds - Perching Platform System

Lloyds Animal Feeds (, were keen to develop a perching platform system, and wanted assistance in turning their ideas into reality.

After initial discussions, we all agreed to work very closely together and navigate the complex demands and regulations required, to produce a system that was as economical as it was effective.

The early stages involved brainstorming, a few site visits, and plenty of work on our part to fully understand something that was second nature to our customer, which needed to become the same for us. There were plenty of ah-ha moments, a few 'that won't work' moments, and plenty of rough CAD sketches with scribbles all over them!

Utilising both 2D for the general layouts, and 3D design software to calculate the principals of the pivot action, CRF (UK) Ltd worked to try and make the ideas that both John Hurdley and Ben Hartley had into a product they could be proud of. The product is constantly evolving, with the next version becoming better and more efficient than the previous, with everyone seemingly very happy with the results, out performing every other comparable product available, and surpassing all the intended targets.

We have been very lucky to work with some very knowledgable people in developing this product, and as a company, are proud of the way the development and production has been executed. The end results are proving to be a credit to Lloyds Animal Feeds, and it has been a pleasure helping them reach this point. The perching platform system will continue to evolve to meet ever-changing regulations and demands, as well as any ways we can see to optimise and improve the manufacturing process or the product itself.