New premises - Phase 1 progress tracker.

Phase 1.

Continual improvement and development has always been key to our philosophy here at CRF, and with that in mind, we are delighted to inform you of our most recent, and our most ambitious plans to date.

We are about to begin the first phase of developing an entirely new premises, which we are hoping will provide many benefits, as well as open the doors to even more opportunities for further advancement. The benefits we are working towards are:

  • A more pleasant, comfortable and enjoyable working environment for our staff.
  • A more environmentally friendly manufacturing facility.
  • Creating a more suitable facility to house more technologically advanced machines and processes.
  • A more efficient and economical work space.
  • A safer, cleaner and more clearly defined facility for both our staff and visiting personnel.
  • Creating a facility that matches the quality that we strive to achieve, and our customers have come to expect.
  • Improving communication by bringing all our staff, processes and facilities under one roof.

To improve safety and comfort in the working environment, we will improve ventilation, install multiple overhead cranage systems that will cover the entire workshop and build new staff rooms and offices. CRF is committed to improving safety within the company wherever possible, and this proposed new facility will make incredible strides in this area. It gives us, and the safety consultants, a blank canvas to create a workspace, that we can ensure is as safe for everyone as possible.

Environmentally, we are planning to cover the entire roof in solar panels, estimated to be nearly 1000 panels in total, which along with the proposed air source heating and reduced transporting of goods around the facility, will be a great improvement on our existing situation, and will set the benchmark locally, for facilities of this type.

We will increase efficiency by planning the layout of the workshop around a 'typical' manufacturing path, from raw materials, through manufacturing and fabrication and finally to our painting and finishing department. This will also allow far more clarity for the location of deliveries and collections for our suppliers and customers.

Furthermore, the new premises will increase our options when considering new technologies and processes. Many of the types of technologies that we believe may be beneficial to us, require a cleaner, and more controlled workspace, and this proposed development will give us the opportunity to consider them far more seriously, and we believe you can expect to see investment in these areas shortly after completion of the build.

To conclude, we hope the potential benefits are clear for all to see, as we attempt to take yet another step forward. This is a key step in the journey to us becoming the company that we want to be, and we will continue to do our very best, to keep providing the service you have come to expect.

Any announcements of increased capacity, processes, and new machinery will be added to our 'News' page. If you feel any of these may prove useful to you, please feel free to give us a call and hopefully our capabilities can meet you requirements.