Whatever your requirements in mild steel, stainless steel or aluminium, we will be able to help. If you would like us to look at a project for you please call 01939 235000, or click here to e-mail our sales department.

Our experienced and skilled staff are always available to discuss your requirements, and we will work with you to ensure a cost-effective solution is supplied, on time, and to your specification.
As a customer of CRF you will have, in effect, free access to a broad range of consultancy services, provided by members of the management team. Having this level of expertise working for you, brings huge benefits in terms of ensuring the quality of your product, and bringing constructive and cost saving ideas to your project.
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CRF takes pride in its diverse capabilities, and as a result, we have created a facility that is confident of being the best call you could make, regardless of the quantities required or the size of your project. The model of our business has been designed this way, and for the customer, this means that you can trust us to always meet your requirements.
Please see the Recent Projects section to view quick snapshots of projects we have been working on, and please refer to the Case Studies section to see particular scenarios where we have worked closely with our customers to try and meet their requirements.
CRF has an extensive range of machinery at its disposal, and coupled with highly skilled and trained personnel, processes such as Shearing, Sawing, Drilling, Milling, Plasma Cutting, Turning, Fabricating, Bending, and many more, are all at hand, and can be finished in our on-site paint spraying booth. We have also developed close relationships with associated companies, and on the occasions where a project requires a specialised process, we will be able to sub-contract to a CRF trusted supplier, allowing you to confidently leave your project in our very capable hands.
Please see the ever-expanding Capacity List / Processes section to see just what we have to offer, which now includes our new CNC mill and CNC lathe capabilities.
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Mainly using AutoCAD and SolidWorks for in-house design work, CRF has CAD facilities available and can receive the vast majority of 2D and 3D formats. As a customer of CRF, these CAD facilities will be utilised to full effect where necessary to assist you and your project.

CRF (UK) Ltd are proud to announce that we have successfully obtained certification in line with ISO 9001 and CE marking compliance in regards to - Load Bearing Structural Steel Components up to Execution Class 2.


Certification Number 12523

ISO 9001

BS EN 1090 Load Bearing Structural Steel Components up to Execution Class 2

CRF (UK) Ltd is a member of the Shropshire Chamber of Commerce.