Plasma Cutting


Our Messer Multitherm Eco 3100 high definition plasma can profile cut in Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium and Galvanized Sheet with a 2000 x 9000 Table and a 10 Tonne lifting facility. 

With power settings ranging from 30 amps, up to 260 amps, and specialist gases for the various materials, the plasma cutter can be utilised for a variety of thicknesses, up to 45mm, and can tackle both the intricate and the simplistic, with stunning accuracy and a superb finish. This particular machine utilises Messer’s ‘Hole Cutting Technology’, to expertly improve the finish on any holes cut directly with the plasma head.

The machine is also equipped with 2 oxy propane heads, meaning we can still supply and cut very thick materials, up to 150mm thick in fact. The vast majority of materials are kept in stock, meaning we can supply a high quality product, quickly and efficiently.

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