Services & Capabilities


For sawing we use a fully automated 254mm capacity (at 90 degrees) band saw and a 127mm capacity semi-automatic KKS 400 Universal cold saw and complemented by our vast stock of sectional steel.

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For mild steel we can shear 3m x 10mm and 1m x 12mm sheets. For thin sheets we use back supports to avoid tearing. We can also shear up to 8mm thick stainless sheets. All shearing is controlled by DNC...

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Plasma Cutting

Our Messer Multitherm Eco 3100 high definition plasma can profile cut in Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium and Galvanized Sheet with a 2000 x 9000 Table and a 10 Tonne lifting facility.

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Drilling & Tapping

We have four drilling machines available, all complemented with an M20 Flash Tapping Device, such as a 5 MT x 1830 radial drill, a twin headed pedestal drill, a rotobroach/ magnetic drill for up to 32mm diameter and more.

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Punching & Cropping

We have three Kingsland Iron Workers for punching and cropping – 100 and 85 tonne Deep Throats and a 55 tonne Standard Throat with various functions on the five stations available (complete with touch and crop stops):

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Bending & Forming

We use many machines for folding and bending such as a Kingsland 200 tonne x 4cm CNC press brake with 3.2m between the frames, a 15 tonne x 200mm horizontal flat or bar bender and a 100 tonne straightening press

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Plate Rolling

Plate rolling, also known as plate bending or plate forming, is a metalworking process used to shape flat metal plates into curved or cylindrical shapes. We have 3 plate bending rolls with capacities up to 2500mtr x 6mm and...

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Section Rolling

Section rolling is a highly versatile method used in numerous industries, including construction, infrastructure, automotive, and aerospace. It involves passing metal sections, such as beams, channels, angles, and tubes...

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Tube Forming

For forming tube electrically up to 48.3 diameter on a multi digital controlled machine, allowing various bends on the same item on one set up, complemented by a tube notching machine up to 76.1 diameter.

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The XYZ SMX 5000 milling machine specification and features:
CNC conversational Prototrak programming, 1930 x 356mm table (tee slotted) and ...

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The XYZ PROTURN SLX 555 CNC lathe specification and features:
CNC conversational Prototrak programming, 104mm Spindle Bore, 3 metres between centres with a 2.9...

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For on-site grinding we have a Lumsden 1219mm diameter vertical spindle surface grinder with a 12″ daylight maximum under the stones. This is complemented by our CNC profiling and stress relieving facilities.

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We have a comprehensive range of welding equipment:

Mig up to 450 AMPS water cooled, Tig up to 200 AMPS, computerised synergic welder for mild steel, stainless steel and..

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Heat Treatment

We have an on-site oven for stress relieving fabrications of up to 1830 x 1220 x 610mm. Heat Treatment certificates are available on request produced by a fully programmable reader.

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Painting & Finishing

We offer comprehensive finishing services including a 1.8m long tub-type vibratory machine for de-burring profiles. We have a Conventional Airless Spray System and an Electrostatic Spray System on

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