We wonder how on earth our relationship with CRF has lasted through the past sixteen years, the problems we have encountered are unspeakable and are best forgotton. 

What can we say, we can only speak the truth......the abuse, verbal insults and mental torture that we have tolerated has been unbearable and that's only from the 'women' employed by him!!!!!  The 'male' staffs attitude is somewhat different.....well what can you expect, they throw the drawings in a pot, delve in and just hope for the best.

Hit or miss they fabricate something, most of the time it doesn't fit together very well....but it looks brilliant with its twists, uneven surfaces, rough edges and of course we can't forget the wavy welding.

We would not hesitate to recommend CRF to anyone, as long as they didn't want any fabrication.

Marc Wycherley - Leyfos Plastics Limited.

CRF have been supplying ASF with rusty bent mangled metal bits for several years. At all times we have found them to be overpriced, under gauge and generally surly in their customer relations. They have a 100% record for late delivery and most of their fabrications look like they have been formed on rocks by Trolls using stone axes, based as they are in Wem this is probably the case. Our drawings are never adhered to but we generally get a rough approximation of what is required. It's a bit like a bridge with only one end. In general I am happy to recommend them............to the competition!

Signed: - Unsatisfied of West Brom.

After 10 Pints! 

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