Trade Counter

CRF (UK) Ltd now has an on-site trade counter, covering a wide range of your needs.

With access to the full range of Bosch power tools, CE certified bolt supply, general consumables, and a wide range of PPE, we really do have most requirements covered.


We have many items and models in stock, and access to the full catalogue of Bosch power tools, consumables and accessories.

Bosch, as a brand, is obviously well known for is quality, and our trade counter has secured full access to the Bosch range, meaning we can supply from their entire catalogue.

With the wide range of products they have available, as well as many of the items being held in stock, on-site, this allows us to provide you with many of your power tool requirements. There isn't really a bigger name in the business, and we are pleased to be able to offer their high quality and reasonably priced products, so readily.

To browse the complete range that we have available, please click the link below.

Bosch Accessories for Professionals

CE certified bolts

As many of you are aware, under the recently implemented regulations, CE certified structural steelwork requires CE certified bolt sets. We can supply these bolts, along with the required certification, which allow them to be used to assemble CE certified, structural steelwork.

CRF has embraced all aspects of the CE structural steelwork regulations, and simply saw it as an opportunity to get our own quality approved, which is why we quickly applied and became certified to supply CE structural steelwork to execution class 2. We can manufacture the steel work, and supply the fixings from our trade counter, taking a little bit of the hassle out of sourcing certified bolts for you own project, which if we have manufactured, means your entire project can be supplied ready to install from CRF.

Consumables, measuring equipment, hand tools and accessories

The trade counter at CRF also offers a wide range of general engineering consumables, which we have carefully selected using our experience with many different brands, and the variations of product. We also stock components and measuring equipment regularly used within the fabrication and engineering field for your convenience.

We cover consumables used in processes such as:

  • Grinding
  • Drilling
  • Welding

We offer measuring equipment which includes:

  • Tape measures and steel rules
  • Vernier calipers
  • Micrometers

We also stock regularly used components such as:

  • Pipe clamps and fittings
  • Plastic end caps
  • Fixings, including anti luce fixings, and a wide range of nuts, bolts and washers

We also offer a range of wide range of hand tools and marking out equipment, for example:

  • Engineers and combination squares
  • Tool sets (Allen keys, sockets and spanners)
  • G clamps and pliers

The list really is too expansive to include it all, so why not call in and see if we can provide many of your necessary requirements, at this convenient location, at a competitive price.

Any products that we don't have in stock, or aren't currently being supplied, can, in the vast majority of cases, be obtained in 24 hours. This means we really can meet all of your requirements, with very little delay, regardless of the size, variety or specificity of your needs.

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

We all know how important safety is within the workplace, and we have endeavoured to stock a wide range of PPE products that will help assist you in making your own environment safer, and more comfortable.

These products have again been selected due to our own experiences with a wide range of brands and variations, so that we can offer what we consider the most effective available. The product in this area include, but aren't limited to, glasses and goggles, (both clear, tinted, and UV protection, with the addition of reader glasses where required), gloves, ear plugs and defenders, protection boots in a variety of sizes and styles, and welding filtration hats and the required consumables.